Mathematics of Game Shows, Plus!

Thanks to everyone who came out at 8 am on Thursday morning for “Mathematics of Game Shows, Plus”, the second installment of everyone’s favorite game-show-math-analysis talk.

The slides are here.  In particular, read about “Shell Game”.  The next post here will be an analysis and proof of the general case for that game.  Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, here are the slides from last year’s talk, with different games.

It was terrific seeing so many people at NCTM, new and old friends.  Best wishes for the rest of the school year.


About Bowen Kerins
Bowen is a mathematics curriculum writer. He is a lead author of CME Project, a high school curriculum focused on mathematical habits of mind, and part of the author team of the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum series. Bowen leads professional development nationally, primarily on how math content can be taught with a focus on higher-level goals. Bowen is also a champion pinball player and once won $1,000 for knowing the number of degrees in a right angle.

One Response to Mathematics of Game Shows, Plus!

  1. Cool stuff Bowen! I’ll be teaching a course entitled “Math of Sports and Games” and I’ll surely be using these things.

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